The Videogres are alive! And hanging out with the Children of the Corn and maybe Richard Karn, too!

The Videogres are officially alive. Go search for us on Itunes and you’ll see.

…You’ll see.

Now let me tell you a confusing story. Twelve months ago, we began recording this podcast. We’re releasing our first episode now, though it’s really not our first episode. In fact, it’s probably like our 40th or 50th episode. Over the course of the last twelve months, between procrastination and a dickered computer that torched a handful of episodes, we just kind of kept on recording and recording and recording.

And suddenly, a mere twelve months later, we coalesce from the internet fog and drop an episode on Itunes.

Does it make sense? Maybe not. But we’d like to think that He Who Walks Behind the Rows appreciates our dilligence anyway. Which brings me to my next point…

Our first episode, Children of the Corn, is now available on Itunes. It would warm the cockles of our cold, dead hearts if you’d go listen.

You can also find it here.

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