The Videogres go Over the Top

We at the Videogres like to think of ourselves as deep thinkers. We don’t trifle with small-time thinking or low-shelf philosophy.

Existence? Been there. Afterlife? Done that. Ghosts? Who the hell hasn’t? None of this really gets at the meat, does it?

We do. The Videogres get at the meat.

As such, we’ve decided to take on one of the most important questions of this (or really, any) century: what is the best long-haul trucking movie ever made.

Research begins today, with Over the Top.

Research is now finished. Over the Top is the best. You can go home now, sleep safe, maybe do a little recreational armwrestling, if that’s your thing. But first, go download our latest podcast, in which we comment upon the wonder that is Over the Top. It’s on Itunes.

Rest easy. We figured it out. You’re welcome.

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