The Videogres are Dead Silent

I think it’s safe to say that you’re never quite the same after you watch Dead Silence. It’s a movie that gets under your skin, puts its hand on your spinal cord and makes you sit on its lap and sing a song (Swan River, maybe) while it drinks a cup of water.

It’s a movie that makes you ponder the universe. It makes you ask the deep questions.

What makes a good puppet cop? Could I be a puppet cop? Does my community college offer a puppet cop program? Does my city have a vibrant puppet cop beat that I could be working? Is this what’s been missing all my life? Jesus Christ, is this why I’ve been watching these Jeff Dunham specials over and over and over again? Is this why I get chills every time I attend an elementary school holiday program and see a kindergartner in a tuxedo? Why are my hands suddenly numb?

Straight from the Videogre Vaults, recorded at some point in late 2014 or early 2015 (these things aren’t an exact science), join us as we settle in for a sweet helping of ventriloquism, puppet graveyards, and Donny Wahlberg in…Dead Silence.

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VIDEOGRE SPECIAL NOTE: This episode was recorded with a fair amount of mouth breathing. We apologize for that. We’re still working out the details of our set-up and we hope to not sound like a room full of wheezing manatees in the near future.

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