Videogres: Christamighty!

Our original plan for the podcast was to create something that spoke to the under-served demographic of shut-ins, hermits, and people too obese and/or infirm to leave their houses. As such, we made it incredibly cumbersome in terms of both time and logistics. Want to listen to our podcast? Queue up a movie, get some headphones, wait for the countdown, then watch and listen as we make half-assed jokes. Simple.

Granted, the original plan has succeeded in ways we never envisioned. I recently bought my first yacht, Adam paid a hunting agency for the privilege of killing a monkey with his bare hands, and Pete refuses to wear anything that didn’t come from an endangered species. We’ve got the money and the lifestyle, but are we serving our fans as well as we could?

As it turns out, no. Some people have jobs, or families, or other obligations that make it difficult for them to accommodate our high-ask podcast. We realize that now and we want to help. It’s in that spirit of helping that we bring you our first episode of Videogres: Christamighty!

Christamighty takes the standard Videogre format and turns it on its head. No more watching while you listen. Now you just listen! And we’re not just talking about movies anymore. Now we’ve broadened our horizons to the world of music videos, movie trailers, and any other thing that might strike us. ALL IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE.

Things you can do while listening to Christamighty:

  • Ride a bike
  • Sit in a chair
  • Sit on some grass
  • Walk in slow circles
  • Eat carrots
  • Make soup
  • Draw a picture of a boat
  • Watch VHS tapes of Yo! MTV Raps
  • Vandalize things

Rest assured, the old Videogre commentaries that you’ve grown to know and laboriously love aren’t going anywhere. We’re just mixing it up.

Join us, won’t you? You can find the first episode of Videogres: Christamighty! here.

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