The Videogres Are Not Dead

Well hello, everyone. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I welshed on my promise to have a new episode and some exciting and potentially (not) life-changing contest details for you. For that, I apologize.

To be fair, I apologize a lot and most of the time I don’t really mean it. This time is different. What we have is special and I’ve sullied the waters of our lagoon of peace with my actions. I’m sorry.

Normally in these circumstances I would release an old episode. Problem is, the hard drive with all of the old episodes is temporarily missing. And even if I had it, I’d have to tack on some bullshit about the life-changing (not) contest, and I’d really hoped to have a longer dialogue about it, rather than just recording the podcast equivalent of a five minute infomercial. It’s best to let these things breath and stretch out. I’m sure you understand.

So here’s my remediation plan to regain your trust. It’s a five point plan.

  • Point 1 – I will begin a quest to find the missing hard drive. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Today.
  • Point 2 – Once I’ve located the missing hard drive, I will edit and release a new episode.
  • Point 3 – Because I am a worthless layabout, unworthy of your friendship, I will increase the already staggering rewards of our contest.
  • Point 4 – I will release on-time episodes for the foreseeable future to mend this rift. On time in this context meaning the standard fuzzy-window of Videogre deadlines (from Saturday evening to Monday evening, roughly).
  • Point 5 – I will stay cool this summer. I will chill, party, and chill, and never change. You have my word.

I think we can all agree that these are generous terms. Am I forgiven?


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