The Videogre collective hail from the icy shores of Lake Superior. Every Saturday they gather on a small loveseat, in a small apartment, and watch movies on a large television. During the course of these movies, they rarely stop talking; deep engagement with consumed art is of prime importance to the Videogres.

Also of importance are occasional dick jokes, demon-pits, misogynist sea-creatures, Doug McClure, jug-life, and werewolf hunters with confused accents.

The concept is simple: The Videogres record a colorful commentary as they watch a movie and you listen along on your MP3 device of choice. You fall in love, all over again, for the first time, for the last time. You are the wind beneath the Videogre wings.

The Videogres make every attempt to keep our movies limited to Netflix offerings, though occasionally they’re forced to step outside the comfort zone.

If you’d like to suggest a movie, feel free to contact the Videogres at: videogres at gmail dot com.

Beware: The Videogres use swears and have what their grandmothers were fond of calling “a crude sense of humor.”

Put more simply: if someone created a physical representation of a profanity frequency continuum with The Bible on one end and Nugget Magazine on the other, The Videogres wouldn’t be able to see The Bible, but they would be on a first name basis with the staff of Nugget*.


*Look for our grindcore concept album Staff of Nugget, summer 2015.


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